22 is a theatrical monologue

During our researches around the “death” topic we are encountering a lot of interest: what is happening is a cultural urgency, a need of knowledge that for much time has been denied or silenced by the show business. After the sexual taboo also the death taboo is falling down. “We never die” or “it’s not so elegant to die”…better not to think about it, there are still some influences like these but they are part of a past world, the world of modernity.
A son can’t die! We all agree on this, but when this happens how does the society react? And what about these parents? We all must put ourselves on the way of comprehension, now. Put ourselves in somebody else pain without assume to be able to feel this pain at the same way, but at least this is the right direction to proceed. (Caraceni)

22 is a fundamental theatrical meeting that will stay in your mind forever; the story of a mother who lost her 17 years old daughter presented in a sweet-raw realistic and passionated way by Laura Pellicciari. The actress chains us up and forces us to listen the truth, to think and to stay together, to evolve.

We would like to thank Paola and her daughter Susanna (which we never met alive but she is lovely and patiently taking care of us in the development of this project).

Watch the promo (german subtitles) here:

PROMO 22 from Rodolfo Bisatti on Vimeo.

20due from Rodolfo Bisatti on Vimeo.

20DUE Milano e Interland from Rodolfo Bisatti on Vimeo.