Video sinossi de : "AL DIO IGNOTO" di Rodolfo Bisatti from Rodolfo Bisatti on Vimeo.

Lucia, a professional nurse works in a large city hospital intensive ward, until the day her daughter, Anna, falls tragically ill. After ten months of suffering, she passes on.

The family is in an emotional turmoil. Michael, Anna’s father retreats into himself, Gabriel, her younger brother intolerant feels guilty for being alive. Lucia begins a long emotional journey seeking ways to come to grips with her loss. Looking for the sense of it all, thru grieving and pain.

Lucia becomes intrigued in the world of Pallative Care and after years of study, graduates with a Masters Degree in that field aiding terminal ill patients. The family relocates from Milan to Merano, Michael’s birthplace, thinking that life would be better there. Lucia is employed in a Hospice, where she befriends Redetti, (Paolo Bonacelli) and others, not aware of her personal tragedy.

Over time they bring her understanding how to “live the unliveable”. Lucia grasps the meaning of life. Her understanding and communication is conveyed to her family bringing Michael out of his silence and Gabriel’s intolerance changes to a life of tolerance and care.